An in-depth new study from Tufts University found that the use of cash costs United States businesses a total of $55 billion a year. While the study found that the overwhelming majority of the costs were due to theft, the businesses surveyed weren’t ready to give it up for electronic alternatives. The study, conducted by senior associate dean Bhaskar Chakravorti and postdoctoral research fellow Benjamin Mazzotta, surveyed 130 owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses in a cross-section of industries, including entertainment, transportation, food, health care, lodging, and more. The responses were then analyzed with data from the US Federal Reserve, McKinsey, the National Retail Security, and the US Economic Census.

However, growth slowed slightly last year, according to Wohlers, with sales up 46 percent in 2012. How much do I need? You’ll need capital. How much depends on your ambition: It can cost from $20,000 to $600,000 for a commercial printer if you want to make aerospace parts or prosthetics. For the DIY-crowd and 3-D printing hobbyists, the low cost models fall into the range of about $5,000 and less. When I got off the plane, I rushed to a pay phone (obviously, it’s been a long time since I was a “young salesman”) and called her office. Her executive assistant answered. Me: “Yes. I don’t know Susan personally, but I just read her interview in Wired magazine. I literally left your corporate offices four hours ago, and I am standing here at a pay phone at the Boston airport.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Automotive has weathered big debt, bad press and consumer resistance to electric cars. Now the company finds itself on the wrong side of its home state’s car dealers. On Monday, the California New Car Dealers Association submitted a nine-page complaint to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, claiming Tesla’s advertising related to pricing is deceptive. Tesla, of Palo Alto, is the darling of the green energy world, demonstrating to consumers that cars can be environmental and beautiful, though Tesla’s vehicles are still prohibitively costly for the average car buyer. Tesla also has garnered glowing reviews from industry publications, including Consumer Reports, which gave its new Model S nearly a perfect score during its test drive this year.